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Announcing Our Agents Incentives Program

With this New Year 2014, our association group, YOU KEEP FINANCIAL NETWORK (YKFN), is implementing our Agents Incentives Program without additional cost on active performing agents.

YKFN Biz Card:This offer is designed to help you build your own brand as an Independent Insurance Advisor & Broker. Later on you may register your own DBA or LLC. Your YKFN Biz Card shows your Photo ID (as shown above) to earn your prospect’s initial trust to deal with you. Also the back of the biz card shows all company logos you represent. See

The website address we place on the card is our organizational website at Later on you can have your own logo brand by just changing the word “You Keep” in our YKFN logo.

You need to create a new email from GMAIL, your personal name abbreviation then ending with “FINNET” short for Financial Network (e.g.

You must represent yourself as member of this organization of Independent Insurance Advisors and Brokers solely working for the interest of clients, in adherence to our Organization’s Core Values & Belief.

Legal Shield & Identity Theft: When you join our organization, you are appointed right away as a General Agent of Legal Shield (equivalent to Director level 4). This option through our YKFN saves any associate the initial membership fee of $149.00 to start your business with Legal Shield. You are entitled initially to 3 months website without the regular monthly cost of $19.95. You can use the website to refer or enrol your clients.

Webprez Sales Video Free Subscription: Through Webprez Videos, we offer our agents Free 3 Month Trial Subscription. Otherwise this program will cost you $59.00 per month. This is the best way of promoting yourself and your insurance or financial business in such a short time provided you have your initial contacts’ names and email addresses in your listings.

All of these things are opportunities that are handed to us because of our negotiating advantage as a group. As we move on as a group, we expect performance from each one.


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