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The Transamerica Advantage

The Transamerica Agency Network, Independent Group Advatnage:

As Transamerica Representative, YKFN hones its Associates with the TAN Advantage!

Transamerica Agency Network (TAN) is an innovative marketing organization that specializes in developing a select group of people who aspire to become successful insurance professionals.

TAN represents Transamerica Life Insurance Company and Monumental Life Insurance Company with the highest financial ratings and admitted assets in its niche market – two of the most recognized names in the insurance industry.

With over 250 years of combined experience, Transamerica Life and Monumental Life have the industry’s most competitive portfolio of products and services for you to present to your clients – products and services that offer guarantees, flexibility and control.

We offer Securities Products, available through Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc., the eighth largest broker dealer in the United States. Your relationship with TAN as an independent agent allows for reduced required minimum Gross Dealer Concessions, as well as reduced fees.

Underwriting that Makes a Difference

As TAN representatives, you’ll receive the best offer the first time, and every time.

  • Dedicated Large Case Unit for cases with face amounts of $1 million and above
  • Dedicated Foreign National Underwriting Team specializing in risk assessment for non-US citizen applicants
  • TOP/TOP Plus programs enable qualifying applicants to receive up to $1 million of coverage without a new medical exam
  • Issue ages up to age 89 and maximum single-life retention: $10 million through age 80

The Transamerica Rewards

With TAN, there’s unlimited income potential and job satisfaction. Plus, you’ll receive many incentives and bonuses for hitting sales milestones, including trips that literally take you around the world!


  • Promotion by Performance
  • Ability to pay commissions through hierarchies on core products - life and securities - and third party relationships
  • Paid daily with the option of advancing commissions
  • Weekly, monthly and annual production tracking

Bonus, Incentives, & Recognition

  • Monthly Life Bonus – up to $1,000 per month
  • Annual Life Bonus – up to $5,000 per year
  • Manager’s Life bonus – 10% on new rep life
  • Contracting Bonuses available through Pre-Contracting and Appointment Program – $200
  • Wealth Accumulation Program through the Producer’s Stock Purchase Plan (PSOP) – 2% match on placed life commission
  • Agency Head Bonus – 5% on new rep life
  • Marketing Allowance – 1% of life production
  • Internship, twin career and coaches program – over $1,000 paid out over eight weeks
  • Errors and Omissions insurance paid for new life licensed agents
  • Free use of LIMRA’s Career Profile Plus Assessment – normally $40 per evaluation
  • Discounted Career Builder account – our buying power gives you an annual discount of over $10,000
  • Discounted access to License Coach – only $49 for those seeking State requirement for State Licensure Examination
  • Fortunaire Foundation – charitable donations to local causes are matched
  • Career Program provides financing support – payout over a two year period could be over $30,000
  • Tomorrow Maker Visa debit card for periodic rewards & prizes
  • Once-in-a-lifetime trips all in expenses for you and a guest
  • Family Affair – for you and your family
  • Clubs and awards
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