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Non-Captive Contract Opportunities

If you are a captive Licensed Insurance Agent with an entrepreneurial spirit and would like to be financially independent, we can show you some options for consideration that may interest you with a career move. It’s about time!

As an Independent Insurance Broker, You Keep Financial Network (YKFN) represents only the highest financially rated companies with unique policy provisions and advantages that most other companies do not provide. Ease of doing business and responsiveness with service are our primary considerations with every company we represent.

You Keep Financial Network (YKFN) offer you these major advantages among others:

  1. We are able to guide you as to which company provides the best options for clients. Being experienced and knowledgeable of the Industry practices, we say for a fact that “No Company has the Mastery of every product in this world”.
  2. We have the ability to offer brokerage business without being appointed first with the right company. The Agency has the resources and existing appointments most of the time with the right company.
  3. Our orientation is on field management where money is earned; unlike with insurance companies whose sales support are based primarily on product knowledge, not industry practices and competitive knowledge.

Evaluate objectively this opportunity option for any career move you might want to consider:

  • Never be a captive agent of one company. Be independent to make sure that you serve the best interest of your client only. Represent highly financially rated branded companies that have unique policy provision to serve a niche market or financial need. This strategy will eliminate entirely competition in the market. Please refer to our proprietary companies that we have been doing business currently. You will have an access on all these companies as you build your own business.
  • Google the background and experience of your Coach or the Manager that is inviting you. You cut down loss of time & business opportunity with wisdom and guidance of an experienced Coach. Google my name: Santiago J. Majam.
  • Visit the web site of the organization you are going to be affiliated; its core values, business model & marketing support. This can make a great difference out in the field. Visit our website at

Make sure that you are not shortchanged on your ability & potential. Our starting compensation schedule is based on performance. (Talk to Santiago J. Majam for a copy of YKFN Compensation Guidelines)

If you are considering a career move & you feel that our organization will fit your career objective, then contact Santiago J. Majam personally. Thank you!

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