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YKFN Associates' Benefits

The YKFN organization represents and collaborates only with financial companies whose financial ratings rank consistently on the top 20% in the industry; and only with companies that are well-capitalized based on their Admitted Assets. We screen out companies that provide unique product provisions offered at competitive price and provide specialized marketing materials to separate our financial representatives & insurance brokers in the Industry. With a greater number of independent insurance & financial agency leaders in our organization, we are able to negotiate for better compensation compared to career or individual agents. Following the core value of providing what is most beneficial to our clients; our Agency Leaders are able to gain customer trust and loyalty that translates to their financial success in the insurance & financial services industry.

The benefits of Independent Financial Representatives & Insurance Brokers and Prospective Insurance Agency Builders joining our group to become Associates are as follows:

  1. After fulfilling some required work commitments, YKFN financial representatives & insurance brokers can receive higher street commissions without proving to the insurance company the actual earning history. Our strength as a group enables us to better negotiate with companies for higher rates, as compared to an individual whose lack of proven experience and performance would place him in a disadvantage.
  2. Our Financial Representatives & Insurance Brokers receive the best guidance and on-the-job experience and coaching to avoid costly mistakes. Experience is still the best teacher and solutions normally come from group consensus and years of experience of the leadership. With this unique support, maturity in learning the Industry accepted practices is greatly accelerated thus failure for those career changers are minimized.
  3. We help our Associates-Agency Builders recruit new insurance & financial representatives. The primary step in the financial services career is getting a Life & Health State License. We help them start their career at the least cost possible. The normal start-up cost in this business is roughly $1,000 broken down as follows:
    • Certification for State Exam is about $250-$350, but YOU KEEP provides it for just $49.00 under our bargaining agreement arrangement.
    • Getting the basic Errors and Omissions is $550.00; but YOU KEEP will pay it for our newly licensed appointed Insurance Agents under the sponsorship of a company.
    • State License Fee is about $150-$200; but YOU KEEP will reimburse $200.00 for their initial business placement with our sponsoring company.
  4. We advise and guide prospective Financial Representatives & Insurance Brokers as to their suitability in this business thus avoid costly mistakes. We let them take the LIMRA Career Profile Exam which normally cost a candidate about $75.00 to do it on his own.
  5. We have the ability to finance New Licensed Career Agents in the business by offering financing during their transition period, provided they meet some criteria.
  6. We are able to guide our Associates as to which company provides the best options for clients. Being experienced and knowledgeable of the Industry practices, we say for a fact that “No Company has the Mastery of every product in this world”.
  7. We have the ability to offer brokerage business without being appointed first with the right company. The Agency has the resources and existing appointments most of the time with the right company.
  8. Our orientation is on field management where money is earned; unlike with insurance companies whose sales support are based primarily on product knowledge, not industry practices and competitive knowledge.
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