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Financial Assistance to Jump-Start Career Change for Prospective Non-Licensed Agents

Statistics shows that 80% of prospective financial representatives are set up to fail on their first year due to often overlooked factors as:

  1. Suitability in the financial services industry,
  2. Over promise by company recruiters whose main concern is just to show bodies of recruits to Management to keep their paying job,
  3. No guidance from someone that has the experience, wisdom and proven performance in the industry.

YKFN is totally different in its approach to recruiting and selecting prospective agents or associates to put on board. For us, TIME is the only asset and investment we have in this business. These are the steps we take:

Prospective associates and newly licensed agents without proven performance need to take the LIMRA Career Profile+.

This Career Profile+ is the most extensively validated tool for predicting success in insurance and financial services sales. Using it early in the process helps us focus our recruitment efforts on candidates with the best chance for success during that difficult first year in the business.

This tool has been used by industry leaders for the last 60 years to test an agent’s suitability in the industry. This also enables us to assist licensed agents with the kind of help they need to improve their success ratio and their start up compensation grid.

Prospective Non-Licensed agents who pass the Career Profile+ Evaluation are adequately assisted to prepare themselves in getting their Life & Health State License. We help them start their career at the least cost possible in this manner:

  1. Provide a subsidized cost of $49.00 for taking the State Review and Certification for State Exam. This fee is later on reimbursed once an applicant pass the Certification exam within 60 days from date they start their review and pass the Certification exam. After passing the Certification exam, the applicant can then take the State Licensure Exam.
  2. Resident License Fee is reimbursed by us once they have submitted and paid their initial business within 60 days from company appointment.
  3. Errors & Omissions or Professional Liability Insurance that normally cost about $550.00 are paid thru one of our sponsoring companies once they have made their appointment with our company. This is normally done within the first 60 days from passing the State Licensure Exam.
  4. Our associates are given paid tuition for undertaking & passing further training and industry certification like LUTCF, CLU, & CHFC.
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